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What's happening at Tree House?

Join us for one of these inspiring offerings.

Be sure to check back as were adding new events event month!

Community Soundbath

A guided meditation soundbath

All are welcome

Sep 23rd 7pm

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Reiki and Soundbath 

This is a workshop to explore what it means to connect to our body on a deeper level, while connecting with community.

Mariela Korb & Laura DeCastra will be guiding you through embodied movement, slow flow yoga, reiki & a relaxing sound bath mediation.

This is for all beautiful humans who are curious and want to explore new ways to connect.

In times of such disconnection, this is sure to leave you feeling connected on many levels. Promoting a sweet balance to your mind, body, & soul.


Flowing Nectar 

Hosted by Gina Minyard & Gershone


Yoga and live music together reach where separately they cannot go alone. Join us to ground, elevate, and resonate your body, mind, and spirit as we move in the vibrational synergy of slow flow and restorative yoga with music and mantra. With decades of devoted practice and offerings between them, Gina and Gershone weave together their respective arts to invite you into communion, bliss, and presence - deeper into your heart and into connection with each other. 

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