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What We offer

We have group workshops and classes centered on healing along with private 1:1 offerings and classes. 



2nd Thursday Every Month

Reiki Circles, also known as Reiki shares or exchanges, is a gathering of people who participate in group Reiki treatments on each other. The main purpose of the Reiki Circle is to practice skills and give and receive Reiki in a atmosphere of friendship, honor, positive energy, and devotion. 


2nd Thursday of the Month - Reiki Healing Circle

Practice your skills..

Techniques will be offered in the first 30 minutes of the session.

The rest of the time will be the giving and receiving of Reiki.



Open to everyone, trained or not, to practice and learn.




4th Thursday Every Month

Have you ever had a hunch that turned out to be true? Or felt a strong connection with someone you just met? These experiences might be glimpses into your psychic abilities. 

Psychic development is the process of honing and expanding your innate intuitive powers. It is a journey of self-discovery, connecting with the unseen realms, and harnessing the power of your intuition.


4th Thursday of the Month - Psychic Development 

Practice your skills.

Techniques, practice, meditation, Tarot, and reading auras.



Practice your skills in psychic development.



1:1 Reiki and Sound Healing

Meet Mariela Korb. She holds space for you to connect with your body, vibration, and energy to bring balance within. By facilitating different healing modalities that help you come back to that grounded space within yourself.

Follow on instagram or message to find private healing opportunities



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