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Your Birmingham adventure awaits...

Indulge in the comfort and tranquility of Birmingham Tree House: a newly renovated victorian mansion. Built in 1898, the space has transformed into an artistic haven of creative expression. Two beautifully designed yoga spaces to practice during your stay or even join a weekly community class. We often have workshops and classes that guests are welcome to join. Take a look at our upcoming offerings.


    This bright, stylish mansion is the perfect base to explore Birmingham. Located in a secure block next to bustling Five Points South and iconic Vulcan Statue (perfect running trail), we have everything to make you feel relaxed and at home. Guests will enjoy private bedroom and bathroom as well as living areas. Incredibly comfortable beds with luxurious linens. Gorgeous, sunny co-working area and an eclectic, colorful family room. Wonderful coffee shops and five star restaurants within walking distance. Bathrooms stocked with shampoos, conditioners, bath products and more.

Forget any notions of over-bearing hosts - while friendly staff are available for any requests, we want you to feel like it is your space while here... an optimal balance of hospitality and privacy. We aim to inspire our guests with creative design and calming vibes and are happy to chat whenever!

We want to make sure your experience is as magical and relaxing as possible! Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

1. Parking and Wifi?

We have free parking on site. Either on the side of the house or out front. :) High-speed wifi reaching the entire house. 

2. What is your Cancellation Policy?

Guests can cancel a reservation free of charge 10 or more days prior to check-in time.  
Canceling your reservation 1 to 10 days prior to check-in will result in a 20% charge of the reservation total.  
In the event of a no show or day-of check-in cancellation, total cost of the reservation will be billed to your credit card.

***Please remember this is not a chain hotel.*** Our livelihood depends on occupancy of 6 rooms. We understand that everything in life can be unpredictable, but cancelling your reservation disrupts the flow of our small business.  

3. How is this different from a hotel or bed and breakfast?

Tree House is a unique space. It has hotel amenities, bed and breakfast charm, and a community feel that you would experience in many hostels abroad. While we can't choose our guests, the right ones usually choose us :) Creative and health conscious humans tend to find themselves here. Don't be shy! Make a new friend during your stay- or enjoy the privacy of your own space and private bath. 

4. Pets?

$40 fee. This is a dog (and cat) friendly house! We love our cuddly companions and do our best to accommodate travelers with furry sidekicks. Dogs are allowed with understanding that they will not be left alone to bark and disturb other guests. The tiny innkeeper, Tree, runs freely around the house so pets that are social is a must.

5. Check-in/Out?

Unlike a chain hotel, there is not a front desk or staff on call 24-7. You will be given the door code and room info prior to your stay and likely be greeted by sweet Tree, Renny, or another lovely human in the Tree House Crew. 

6. Are you handicap accessible?

Unfortunately, we do not have an elevator and all guest rooms are located on the top level of Tree House. 

7. Bed and Yoga?

Yoga every damn day! There are open rooms to practice in and group classes every Wednesday. There are various wellness activities that take place here such as sound baths, meditation workshops, and dance classes. You are not required to be a yogi to stay here, but you might leave as one :) 

8. How far from Airport?

15 minute drive

9. How many guests per room?

A few rooms can accommodate three guests with a queen bed and daybed or futon. If you would like to stay with a crew, give us a call and we will figure out a way to make it work! 

10. How many rooms are available for rent?

6 rooms

11. Tree House Etiquette 

Damage:  If something gets damaged, broken or otherwise, don’t hide it.  Let us know what happened soon as you can.  Especially if a spill, like a glass of red wine, and we can take care of it quickly so there aren’t any permanent stains. Just like you would if you were at a friends’ house. Innkeepers know that accidents happen.  That being said, try to use some common sense in trying to prevent damage.  Leaving a dripping bottle on the antique table or using one of their white towels to wipe off your makeup would not be appreciated. We will be would be more than happy to provide you necessary items.  Just ask!

Courtesy:  It is our responsibility to clearly communicate what we expect of and offer our guests.  We also expect that our guests will be clear in asking for what they need to make their stay the most enjoyable. For instance, if you know you will be arriving late, make a courtesy call and find out what you should do. We don’t have the 24-hour staff of a chain hotel. Think of it more like you are staying with friends. We ask that if something isn’t right, that you let us know so we have the opportunity to make it right. That may not always be possible, but we will do our very best! As our livelihood relies on guest satisfaction and positive reviews, give the innkeeper a chance to address any concerns if they arise! Namaste beautiful humans. 

Please contact Renny at (205) 902-1120 for additional questions. She usually returns calls within the hour. 

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