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Birmingham Tree House: a unique experience

A Multifaceted mansion

Birmingham Tree House is a space where inspiration flows, ideas come to life, and connections are forged. Whether you're seeking a short getaway, a space to work, a place to nurture your well-being, or a venue for your next event, Birmingham Tree House has it all. Tree House is an oasis of creativity and community. 


Need a quiet and professional space for important meetings or presentations? Our private meeting rooms are well-equipped and can be customized to meet your specific needs, ensuring that your business gatherings are productive and successful.


 The Birmingham Tree House is more than just a place to stay; it's a hub for community events and retreats. Our stunning mansion offers a warm and welcoming environment for gatherings, conferences, workshops, and social events. With flexible event spaces and a team dedicated to making your event a success, your next gathering is sure to be memorable.

Pet friendly Hotel Birmingham Al

Guest Rooms

Take a look at our promo video and consider coming to stay! We can't wait to blow you away. A perfect blend of hospitality and privacy. Staff are often present and can be reached at anytime throughout your stay but we give you enough space so that you can make yourself at h(om)e in your own way :)

Our Innkeeper Tree

Yes, We are pet friendly! When coming to stay at Tree House, you will likely meet our magical mascot Tree.

Pet friendly Hotel Birmingham Alabama
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A desire to be inspired

Our mission is to create a safe space for inspiration and relaxation. With plenty of books and art supplies, there are options to dream and create! Please ask us about paints and vision board supplies if you're feeling crafty. So much space to move around or meditate. If you want to get inspired with a meditation or prerecorded yoga class with Renny, take a look at our YouTube and Insight Timer. 

Yoga every damn day

We have a few community classes each week that are open to locals and out of town guests. Both beginners and advanced practitioners of yoga will thrive in this space as modifications are offered alongside more challenging options. You can expect a fiery vinyasa flow when joining a group class. Our yoga rooms are open for practice 24 hours a day if you would like to come move and meditate your own way.

Yoga Hotel Birmingham Alabama
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