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About Our Guest Rooms

The vision for the six guest rooms at Tree House was inspired by the elemental themes found in nature, human consciousness, and creativity. Each room is artistically designed to immerse you in its unique theme, allowing you to embrace and feel the distinct energy it offers. The rooms are crafted to be both playful and relaxing, with original art pieces in each space and meticulous attention to detail ensuring guest comfort. My goal is for every guest to experience the harmony and inspiration drawn from these natural and creative elements during their stay.
When booking a room at the Tree House, you have the option to choose between the Yin Yang, Zen Den, Bird House, or Queen room. If you select a Queen room, you'll be randomly placed in one of our beautifully themed spaces: Air, Earth, or Water. Each room offers a unique experience inspired by elemental themes, ensuring a memorable and relaxing stay. If you have a specific preference, please send us an email and we will do our best to accomodate.
1309 19th St S Birmingham Tree House

Yin Yang

Discover your Yin and Yang through the fusion of black and pink hues with a harmonious ambiance. Original art adorns the walls, enhancing the room's unique energy. Enough space for three guests with a Queen bed and twin bed. The private bathroom features a tub/shower combination and rainbow vibes. Located at the top of the stairs in the main house, this room invites guests to experience the balance of yin and yang in a cozy and artistic setting.

i am air.jpg

I am Air

Welcome to the "I am Air" room, an ethereal escape filled with airy vibes and whimsical charm. Bathed in light pastel colors, featuring a cloud-soft queen bed nestled in an antique brass frame, perfect for dreamy nights. The room is adorned with delicate fairy lights and enchanting art that evoke a sense of wonder. An adorable writing desk with large windows that invite natural light. The private bathroom boasts an antique clawfoot tub, offering a touch of vintage luxury for a soothing bath experience. "I am Air" promises a serene retreat that feels as light as a breeze.

earth room 1.JPG

I Am Earth

For our nature lovers, the "I am Earth" room offers a grounding retreat with a natural wooden bed and queen size Casper mattress. The vibes in here harmonize beautifully with the earth-toned decor. This cozy upstairs room in the main house exudes a calming energy, perfect for unwinding and reconnecting with nature. A practical writing desk invites moments of reflection or creativity. The private bathroom, though small, is efficiently designed with a tub/shower combo, ensuring comfort and convenience. Immerse yourself in the serene, earthy ambiance of the "I am Earth" room for a truly rejuvenating stay.

Water Room.jpg

I am Water

For all the mermaids and mermen, The "I am Water" room offers a refreshing and tranquil escape. Featuring an adorable blue bed with pull-out drawers and a ridiculously comfortable Queen Lucid mattress. Original raindrop art by Lily Reeves adorns the ceiling, complemented by colorful waterfall curtains that immerse you in a soothing water state of mind. The small bathroom includes a convenient tub/shower combo, perfect for unwinding. Located upstairs in the main house, this room also has easy access to a nearby deck that overlooks historic Cobb Lane, providing a serene spot to relax outside.

zen den.jpg
1309 19th St S Birmingham 49.jpg

Zen Den

The Zen Den, one of the spacious suites on the lowest level at the back of the Tree House, offers a serene retreat with a private entrance and two distinct rooms. The first room features a cozy twin bed, a small sitting area, a convenient coffee station, and a refrigerator. The main bedroom boasts a comfortable queen bed and a TV with a Roku streaming device. The private bathroom includes a small shower for refreshing moments. For larger groups, the Zen Den can connect to the Bird House room, providing ample space for everyone to stay together and enjoy their time at the Tree House.

1309 19th St S Birmingham 42.jpg

Bird House

The Bird House is a spacious suite located on the lowest level at the back of the Tree House, offering a private entrance and a large room with a playful, fun atmosphere. This inviting space features a comfortable queen bed and a twin daybed, perfect for accommodating extra guests or lounging. The suite includes a private bathroom with a small shower for convenience. A cozy room equipped with a refrigerator and a coffee station ensures you have all the essentials. Entertainment is covered with a large TV and a Roku streaming device. For larger groups, the Bird House can connect to the Zen Den, creating an expansive, shared living area.

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